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Post by Beth on Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:45 pm

I viewed Clemson University in South Carolina.  While their site did  list the following programs 4-H & Youth Development, Agribusiness, Agriculture - Agronomy | Horticulture | Livestock & Forages, Food, Nutrition and Health - Food Safety & Nutrition, Natural Resources - Forestry & Wildlife Resources | Water Resources.  And within that the ability to become a Master Gardener or Master Naturalist, I was unable to find any indication that they offered a Master Wellness program. Clemson and Texas A&M both established from research base information, but from viewing their website I found Clemson to be more limiting whereas Texas A&M AgriLife seem to offer so much more.  However, having said that it could be that I am more familiar with the Texas A&M AgriLife site.


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