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Post by mguerrero8 on Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:12 am

In looking at another state’s Cooperative Extension website, both Texas and Kansas provide a variety of programs for all. They offer similar program areas within these certain fields:
• Nutrition
• Agriculture
• Community-based programs for children (4-H youth), teens, adults, and diabetic individuals
• Natural Disasters
• Business and finance training
• Gardening
• Animals
• Environment
• Health and more!

Texas extension program areas includes but not limited to:

Volunteer, wildlife, water, Texas 4-H & youth development, plant & trees, nature & environment, leadership experiences, insects, infectious animal disease, health, gardening & landscaping, fisheries & pond management, farming & ranching for profit, families, disasters & safety, crop & soil, communities & business, animals, online courses & job training.

Kansas extension program areas include:

Agriculture (crops, livestock, horticulture, wildlife, forestry, water, environment, farm management), community (leadership, civic engagement, business, natural disasters, research), family (relationships, youth and teens, child development, adult development and aging, family finances, FCS), food ( food safety, nutrition, food business, food preservation, meat science, food science, gardening, food pests, master food volunteer, FCS), health (nutrition, wellness, health care, FCS), lawn & garden ( Home lawn, garden and landscaping, master gardener, commercial fruits & vegetables, commercial turf & ornamental, forestry), 4-H Youth

One interesting difference, I found was that Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service offers a Texas Food Handler’s Certification Course and other online training courses and certifications unlike the Kansas extension service. While the Kansas extension service offers a meat science program which I thought was unique to read about. Some visual differences between the two websites is the format of the site and organization. Kansas website has more of a clean, organized, format by dividing each subject into subcategories along with a contact information in each program and scholarship opportunities. It seems easier to navigate and colorful from the pictures and images. However, they do not offer PDFs like Texas extension service does which is helpful if one wants a hard copy. The Texas Master of Wellness Volunteer is the same concept, but under a different name, Kansas Masters Food Volunteer Program.


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